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Lloyds Bank Foundation for Northern Ireland: Community Grant Programme

The overall aim of the organisation is to support charitable organisations within Northern Ireland to enable people, who are disadvantaged or with special needs, to participate actively in their communities.

Scheme details

The Foundation has two main target areas to which it seeks to allocate funds:

Social and Community needs
Education and Training
For more details, please visit

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council: Good Relations Grants Scheme

The Good Relations grant is 100% funded up to a maximum of £2,500.  Under the Good Relations Grants Scheme, groups can make application for up to a maximum of £2,500 per financial year.  This can be secured through one large application, or through a series of smaller applications.

Scheme details

The purpose of Mid & East Antrim Borough Council’s Good Relations Grants Scheme reflects the ‘Together:  Building a United Community’ Strategy which outlines a vision of “a united community, based on equality of opportunity, the desirability of good relations and reconciliation – one which is strengthened by its diversity, where cultural expression is celebrated and embraced and where everyone can live, learn, work and socialise together, free from prejudice, hate and intolerance.”

Projects which are funded by the Good Relations Grants Scheme must clearly link to one of the following grant themes:

Children and Young People:  To continue to improve attitudes amongst young people and to build a community where they can play a full and active role in building good relations.
Our Shared Community:  To create a community where division does not restrict the life opportunities of individuals and where all areas are open and accessible to everyone.
Our Safe Community: To create a community where everyone feels safe in moving around and where life choices are not inhibited by fears around safety
Cultural Expression: To create a community, which promotes mutual respect and understanding, is strengthened by its diversity and where cultural expression is celebrated and embraced.

Who is Eligible for Grant funding?

To qualify for a grant under this scheme, applicants must meet the following criteria:
Community organisations should be formally constituted with a current committee (appropriate details are requested in the Application Form) and based in the Mid & East Antrim Borough Council area.
Constituted community organisations which provide a service that is a clear and direct benefit within the Mid & East Antrim Borough Council area.


Commercial ventures.
Salary costs and core costs.
Single issue organisations whose primary focus is campaigning or lobbying.
The creation or upkeep of websites.
Fundraising events.
Umbrella groups not represented in Mid & East Antrim.
Activities in a sphere, which is principally the remit of another public sector body.
Subscriptions and membership fees.
Activities forming part of an approved course of learning, gap year or outward bound activity for students.
Fun Days or Festivals which are eligible under the Community Festivals Fund when it is open for applications.
Projects that have already commenced and expenditure incurred prior to making application to this scheme.
Events and projects outside of Mid & East Antrim Borough area. Please note that for the purposes of Good Relations, funding for travel outside Northern Ireland is only available on condition that:

o The beneficiaries are from the Mid & East Antrim Borough area
o The event/project/activity has clear good relations impacts
o The proposed outcomes contained within the application form cannot be achieved through activities undertaken within Northern Ireland.

Public Health Agency – Small Grants Programme – closing Wednesday 29/07/15

The CLEAR Project have announced the opening of a small grant scheme on behalf of the Public Health Agency for projects/initiatives which address Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing, Suicide Prevention and Self-Harm.

The CLEAR Project, which is part of Derry Healthy Cities, has been commissioned to facilitate this process in the Western, Southern, South Eastern and Belfast LCG areas.
The small grants scheme provides the community and voluntary sector with the opportunity to access small, non-recurring grants.
The PHA are keen to fund programmes founded on evidence based practice such as those using one or more of the New Economics Foundation’s “Five Ways to Wellbeing” (Connect, Be active, Keep learning, Give and Take Notice).

Two types of awards are available under this scheme:

•- Award one grants of up to £1000 that non-constituted and constituted non-profit taking Community/Voluntary sector groups can apply for.
•- Award two grants of between £1,001 and to a maximum of £5,000 for constituted non-profit taking Community/Voluntary sector groups.
Closing date: Wednesday 29th July at 3pm

For an application pack please email

Volunteering Small Grant Application

This is an application for funding for a Small Grant to support local volunteer involvement. This is a DSD initiative which is being administered by Limavady Community Development Initiative (LCDI) who have been appointed as an Intermediary Funding Body (IFB). Any grant awarded will be for a maximum of £1,200 and will directly support the key objectives of the DSD Volunteering Strategy and Action Plan

Note: This grant is only eligible for expenditure incurred from the date of award until 31 March 2016.

For more details please visit or contact IFA Volunteer Development and Policy Officer Stephen Garrett

ABC Council Community Funding

From 1 April 2015, funding will consist of six individual funding programmes for the Council areas of Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon.

Scheme details

Community Grants (open to all eligible autonomous organisations working at a local level):
Seeding Grants: up to £200
Community Development Grants: Tier 1 - up to £2,000, Tier 2 - up to £10,000, Tier 3 - Over £10,000
Mayor's Fund: maximum total fund £5,000 annually
Capital Projects/Enabling Fund
Small scale capital fund: up to £10,000 - maximum of 50% of overall project costs
Large Capital Funds - up to £250,000, maximum of 25% of total project cost
Exceptional Capital Projects Fund: over £250,000 (no upper limit)
Arts, Culture and Events Fund

Community Events Fund: up to £1,000
Area Specific/Large Event Fund: £1,000 to £12,000
Arts Projects Fund: up to £2,500
Sports Development Grants
Club Development Grants: up to £250 per club per element
Junior Club Development Grants: up to £250
Volunteer Development Grants: up to £250 per club and 50% of costs
Grant Aid for Coaches: up to £250 per annum and 50% of costs
Individual Grants (These are focused on improving the performance and sporting achievements of local sports people)
Talented Athlete Grants: up to £300 and 50% of costs
Talented Athlete Silver Card
Major Sporting Events

This will effectively replicate the similar arts/culture events element, but focused on sports events which have regional/international importance and different criteria will apply.

Good Relations
Tier 1 Grants: up to a maximum of £2,000
Tier 2 Grants: up to a maximum of £10,000
Rural Linkages Fund

Small Grants: £100 to £500
Eligible costs
A proportion of core running costs (this may include part payment of salaries, heat/light, insurance, rent/premises costs, office costs, etc.).
Programme or activity costs which are directly relevant to the application and where need has been demonstrated.
Travel and transport costs where these can be shown to be fundamental to meeting the project objectives.
Hire or purchase of equipment for meeting project needs (subject to individual approval). Where funding reoccurs annually, purchase of small items may prove more cost effective than hire Venue hire.
Technical assistance.
Training or facilitation costs.
Festivals and events.
Capital costs, where it can be demonstrated that this is the most cost effective means of delivering the required outcomes.
Best practice or good relations visits


Ineligible costs
Any costs or projects which are clearly another statutory agency’s responsibility. Exceptions may be made for partnership funding when other statutory responsibilities have been exhausted.
Projects or activities which are delivered outside the Council area and do not meet needs within the area. (Organisations which are located outside the Council area but provide direct benefit in line with strategic priorities and identified needs within the Council area may be considered for funding.)
Activities which specifically exist to raise funding
Individuals (only constituted groups/organisations can apply for funding), except for specific arts or sports funding which is specifically for individuals.
Commercial (except social economy) or statutory organisations. In exceptional circumstances, and on a case by case basis, Council may choose to support a commercial organisation where this can kick start an important project or lever substantial additional resources. In most cases such applications will be considered under the Mayor’s Fund
Costs incurred prior to a funding offer from Council.
Costs that can be recovered from elsewhere, e.g. VAT.
Payments made to any members of the applicant group or organisation

How to apply

Further guidelines and application form available on the website
For further information about the grants process please contact the relevant council office:

Armagh 028 3752 9642
Banbridge 028 4066 0605
Craigavon 028 3831 2420

Completed applications should be returned to (by the deadline):

Head of Community Development,
Development Department,
Craigavon Borough Council,
Civic Centre,
P.O. Box 66,
Lakeview Road,
BT64 1AL



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