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Release Date: 15/10/2012

The IFA kick off their efforts in supporting FARE Action Week 2012 with a number of events between 16 – 31 October.

FARE unites supporters, clubs and those targeted by racism across the continent in a concerted effort to make discrimination a thing of the past. The Action Week of the Football Against Racism in Europe network aims to boost public awareness of the problems of racism and exclusion and to create a united front in dealing with this malign influence on Europe‘s number one sport.

The IFA have organised a range of events over the 2 weeks, including a joint learning seminar between the Association’s community relations and technical departments, song writing workshop for FFA grassroots run by Love Music Hate Racism, a North West anti- racism workshop with young people, MLA v World United football match, and the Irish Premier League are supporting this cause by wearing FARE t shirts during the pre-match line-up at fixtures on Saturday 20 October and Monday 22 October.

Members of our senior international mens and womens squads have also shown their support for FARE and intolerance in the sport. Kelly Bailey, NI Senior International, said: “It is important for the football family to come together to support FARE and to increase public awareness of racism and exclusion in our sport”.

Andy Little, NI Senior International, said: “As a Football for All ambassador, there has been great work carried out across all strands of the game to help tackle sectarianism and intolerance in Northern Ireland football, and it will continue to help create a more fun, safe and inclusive culture in the sport”.
More details can be found at or by contacting Jenny Penrose on / 02890 669458.


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  • Kelly Bailey Fare Week 2012

    Kelly Bailey Fare Week 2012

  • Kelly Bailey Fare Week 2012

    Kelly Bailey Fare Week 2012

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