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Release Date: 02/10/2012

WITH continued support from UEFA and Peace III, the Belfast United Forum has developed a positive platform on which community groups and football clubs from across Belfast can share in positive, encouraging stories and best practice in relation to their shared aim of promoting good community relations and respect through a mutual, universal love of sport.

At a recent Belfast United Forum meeting, the success and optimism for the future of North Belfast interface football project, Limestone United, was discussed.  

Brian Caskey, a neighbourhood PSNI Officer who is heavily involved with the team, expressed his excitement and enthusiasm for a new season for the team: “The commitment and engagement of the young people has been outstanding. These are the same young people who would have been involved in confrontations and who are now playing on the same football team.”

Brian was also very optimistic about the prospect of gaining some funding for the group over the next year, and felt it would allow the team to expand and develop with new opportunities. 

Another Belfast based project experiencing very positive results is the Northern Ireland Street League. The organisation provides coaching and football training, as well as provide information and support for issues such as mental health and substance abuse, for males who are, or have been homeless during their lives.  

Aidan Byrne, a staff member of NI Street League, discussed how the programme has been developing: “Street League has been developed in Belfast over three years, and we have now expanded to Derry/Londonderry with the support of the Football for All project from the Irish FA. This provides us with a fantastic opportunity to develop the programme, and provide vital support to more individuals.”

The new seasons of Street League have seen great success in Belfast and Derry/Londonderry, and Aidan also shared with the Forum that the NI Street League is hoping to compete in the Homeless World Cup in Poland next year.

These stories sit amongst many positive and exciting developments shared and promoted by the Forum, who continue to meet monthly. If you and your organisation would be interested in getting involved, please contact Claire Adams – for more details.

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