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Release Date: 27/07/2012

THE Triple V (Values Versus Violence) programme was created in Germany in response to a tragic shooting at a school in the German town of Winnenden.

The project’s core aim is to strengthen the values awareness of European youth, and to encourage and facilitate a more peaceful society in each region taking part. The programme works with youths, helping them to reflect on the values they practice, heighten their conscience and enable them to test their own values as they progress forward in life.


174 trust is delivering this programme using a variety of innovative formats, training communicators to use the Triple V programme with their respective youth groups, teams or organisations using the themes of Values, Interculturalism and Conflict Management.


Katie Haas, Sentence Triple V tutor at 174 trust commented: “The Triple V project is being delivered across 5 European partners, aiming to achieve a peaceful social atmosphere, characterised by fairness, tolerance and the renunciation of violence.


“We are working together throughout the next 2 years to enable around 40,000 youths to develop a strong awareness of values and what effect they can have on an individual and those around them.”


Irish FA Head of Community Relations, Michael Boyd and Community Relations Officer, Lisa Rickett both completed the Values Communicator Training this summer, the methods and formats used dovetail perfectly with the Football For All programme’s aims of using football as a hook to promote good relations.


Lisa stated: “The training delivered by Katie and Callum inspired discussion on many non traditional topics, it stretched any preconceptions we may have had on a range of issues and gave scope to ask individuals to reflect on things like how the values and actions they demonstrate on the pitch can have an impact off the pitch and vice versa.”


For further information on how you can become a Triple V Values communicator or any other information please contact Katie Haas Sentence at 174 Trust on email:

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  • Triple V programme - july 2012

    The Irish FA's Michael Boyd and Lisa Rickett and Paul Braithwaite (project worker with 174 trust) pictured with their certificates.

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