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Release Date: 15/10/2012

The IFA’s EU Peace III supported Football for All Project recently travelled to Sarajevo to present at the first ever Corporate Social Responsibility workshop as part of UEFA’s KISS programme (Knowledge & Information Sharing Scenario).

Football for All presented their story to all 53 member Associations followed by a case study on FFA grassroots project, Belfast Street League.

Patrick Gasser, UEFA Social Responsibility said: “The Irish FA represented by Jenny Penrose were keen to share the “Football for All” project as a good practice example with participants. The dynamic presentation was enriched with a case study based on the “Belfast Street League” project, tackling homelessness. Questions like “How could Street League be adapted to include women?” were food for thought for the participants which were split into 5 working groups. We thank Jenny Penrose and Patrick Nelson for playing a very active role at the first UEFA KISS CSR workshop”.

Jenny Penrose, IFA Fundraising Manager and Football for All team member, said: “This was a fantastic opportunity to not only share our story and highlight our areas of work at international, domestic and grassroots level, but this allowed us to meet with other Associations and learn about their work in the field of social responsibility. We thank UEFA for inviting us to be a part of the discussion”.

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    Jenny Penrose, IFA Fundraising Manager.

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